About susan

I love to do pottery and want to share ideas with other people. In hopes of doing this I have ended up drawing people who want to sell me something mostly for my site. This site is only for the purpose I set it up for, to give other people ideas and maybe add to mine. I have no need for fancy ideas about my page. All that matters is that those who come here want to see what I make, not sell me on a product. I ask for nothing here only want to share art ideas. PikesPeakPerryPotter.

Brick Bird House

SONY DSCSONY DSCThis adorable bird house is hand built and hand painted.  Each side is different from the other.  The slated roof is also done with a brick designed but also has a stained glass design.  Another one of a kind design by Perry Potter.SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC

Dragon Goes To A Party

Dragon goes to the partyThis pot was created for a contest held by Dover Publications. It took second place and also found a good home.

This dragon has heard of a party at the castle and is determined to attend it. So he puts on his mask in hopes of blending in. Maybe some day humans will learn that not all dragons eat people and breath fire but instead enjoy a good party.